I am the perfect combination of left and right brain - curious, quirky, adventurous and strategic. After 10 years in finance and corporate retail, I realized I couldn't sit in a poorly designed cubicle any longer. I returned to school and launched BUHO DESIGN + CO., an interior design and prop styling studio.

My inspiration comes from my life experiences, both big and small. As an undergrad, I was inspired by the Lawn at the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson’s ability to combine the beauty he encountered on his travels with his own sensibility and intelligence was transformative for me. Like Jefferson, I strive to be in a never-ending state of learning and use my curiosity to think outside the box.

I spend my days here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. I love the color green, owls, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, my vizslas (Dita and Wrigley), my 3-legged rescue cat Tippie, being outdoors, traveling, and reading. I don’t hate a nice glass of whiskey with a side of deep conversation. There's already enough ugly in the world, so let's create something beautiful.